During February and March of 2006 I made some major changes to the Aoidoi.org web pages. The goal was to modernize the appearance somewhat, and to do so by using reasonably current web standards (compliant HTML, CSS, etc.).

Fonts. I removed the image-based system I had used for Greek. The PDFs of commentaries required no changes, but now you need a Unicode font to view the web pages that contain Greek. The site was designed with the free Gentium font in mind.

Deleted Pages. Most of the web pages from the previous version were converted. There are HTTP redirects in place so that stale link names still take you to the correct document. However I removed most web pages of poems that had no commentary, in particular from Theognis and the Anacreontea. When I have commentaries for those poems they will reappear.

Let me know. If you think something is missing that should not be, email me.